Available Homes

Springbrook Farm in Barnhart :  All of our lots will take a ranch with a 3 car garage, great doors and big windows. This development will be the largest yet for E&M. Please call us for a personal appointment at  314-965-9160, or 314-608-2606.

em-development-zinniaZinnia Model 

E & M builds homes unlike any of the competition. Prices per model may vary depending on community and lot requirements.   We customize our pricing, so make sure to call us for an opportunity to meet you! We are here to SELL homes!!

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A new display and model (The Rockwood)  is available for viewing Saturday & Sunday 11:00 – 3:00 PM at Springbrook Farm! One mile off Hwy 55, exit Barnhart, cross over Hwy M, to Stahl Rd.
Any questions? Call Lisa at (314)608-2606, or get in touch using our contact page.

Home Models